Customized Programs



To activate your course you only need to contact us:

Step n.1

Our consultant will send you a form that will enable us to create the most customized course possible for you.

Step n.2

We will then schedule a counseling appointment with one of our specialists to personally analyze the level and objectives of the course.

Step n.3

According to the outcome of the assessment we will assign an expert teacher to the course. Finally, we create a WhatsApp group with the student(s) among which we set the start date of the course

Step n.4

After the first week of class, the counselor will follow up on the course. In this way, he or she will verify that all of the student’s expectations have been met.

Our Tutors


Classes are paid to Pavani & Pattaro Languages.

Yes, we do receive cash payments and bank transfers.

Tell us about your goals, time and place of the class by filling out our questionnaire and we will take a maximum of 10 days to assign you a tutor and start your classes.

Yes, all students must accept our Terms and Conditions

The first fee is paid only after the first week of class.

We offer an initial consultation before starting the course. Then, only after the first week of class is the course confirmed and the first payment made. In case of dissatisfaction with the course, the student will only pay for the hours of class given.

There is no need to worry because our packages have freezing days.

It is recommended to study a minimum of 3 hours per week divided into 2 classes of 90 minutes.

We issue certificates of class hours and offer preparation for international language certifications.

It is recommended to study with peers of the same level and age.


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