Interpreters for Business and Private Clients

Expanding projects and presenting them to people who do not speak the same language has never been easier. For this we have professional interpreters qualified in various areas of knowledge to help with the support that our clients need. As you know, the job of our interpreters is to be invisible and accurately transmit all information from one language to another.

Types of Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation: the interpreter listens to the speech and when the speaker stops speaking, he or she translates it into the target language by working on the memory and taking notes. This is a technique that can be used in interviews, telephone conferences, trials, press conferences, and all those situations where it is not possible to install simultaneous equipment.

Simultaneous Interpretation: the interpreter translates the speech into the target language in parallel while the speaker is speaking and without interruption. He or she works with the simultaneous interpretation equipment in a soundproof booth. This technique can be used in conferences, conventions, seminars, presentations or any other type of event with a large audience.

Whispered Interpretation: This is a technique very similar to simultaneous interpretation. Its variants consist in that no technical equipment is required, and it is addressed to only one or two clients. The interpreter stands next to the client and translates in a parallel manner and in a low voice directly into the client’s ear.

Accompanying Interpreter: This service is very similar to consecutive interpreting. Its main variant is that the interpreter will not be taking notes during the service, therefore the speaker is forced to make more frequent pauses. It is a technique that can be used in business meetings planned in the context of a business trip.


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