Methodology and Books

In People Languages we offer academic knowledge programs that focus on 21st century skills and make language learning an enjoyable and practical experience.


Keynote National Geographic Learning
Keynote National Geographic Learning

National Geographic Learning’s Keynote invites students to explore life-changing stories for a deeper understanding of the world, developing the confidence and skills needed to express themselves powerfully and competently in English.  
This is why engaging and authentic TEDTalks, featuring remarkable people communicating passionately and persuasively, provide inspiring insights and an unparalleled source of authentic language. In this way, it drives an integrated skills curriculum along with 21st century outcomes such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Real-world content presented through readings, infographics and interviews motivates students to engage with language in meaningful ways.

Unique presentation sections based on best practices demonstrated by TED speakers teach transferable strategies that develop fluency, confidence and compelling delivery. 


Nuovo Espresso

Nuovo Espresso, by ALMA Edizioni, before called just Espresso, has been and continues to be the best-selling  Italian language course for foreigners in the world. Then as today, its strength remains its richness, clarity, adaptability and methodological approach.

Nuovo Espresso is the result of many years of research and experimentation, which took into account the most recent and innovative discoveries in the neuro-linguistic and glucose-didactic fields.

Also, it aims to develop the ability to learn and communicate from the beginning. Thanks to its gradual progression, it is also suitable for students who have little exposure to authentic Italian or who are studying a foreign language for the first time.

It is also characterized by a strong and global approach that immerses the student in an active and vital dimension full of attractive contributions.