Having high English language skills can be extremely profitable for your career.. More than three-quarters of the world’s population speaks English. In fact, it is used in 26 countries as the official language and 500 million are native speakers. The English language also holds the first place as the most used language by 53% of the websites. Not to mention that interviews today are conducted entirely in English. Knowing how to speak it increases the chances of working in a multinational company or abroad. Don’t be afraid! It is easy to learn because it has a very simple alphabet and grammatical structure.


French is the official language in more than 29 countries around the world. Not to mention that it is the second most spoken language in the European Union.  France’s colonial history has helped spread this language throughout themodern world. From the diplomatic kingdoms to the international media, French is of great importance. Official language of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and FIFA. Finally, it is the only language used for the deliberations of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

clases de italiano

Italian is a beautiful and romantic language. It is the language of ancient medieval thinkers. Of the eternal writers. Possessor of a unique musicality and a conceptual richness in very varied fields. Italian is one of the official languages of the European Union. For this reason, speaking Italian will open the doors to many international organizations. It also gives the possibility to work in different Italian companies as famous as: FIAT, Pirelli, Olivetti, Ducati, ENEL, Ferrero or Mediaset.


Portuguese is spoken by approximately 215 million people in Portugal, Brazil and some parts of Africa. It is a very popular language in the world of work, from tourism to commercial activities. For business owners, Brazil is the main attraction for doing business. Being the most cited science base outside of the G8, it has many opportunities to exploit scientific cooperation and collaboration. Not to mention the pharmaceutical and energy sectors.


The German language is used by almost 112 million speakers worldwide. With an estimated GDP in 2019 of almost 4 trillion dollars, its economy turns out to be one of the most solid and stable in the European Union.  Knowing how to speak German offers a significant advantage to anyone who wants to do international business. Not only Germany: there are also a large number of German-speaking people in other European countries. Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg among them.


Latin America is anemerging economy and its importance as a market is on the rise. Dominating the Spanish language is a positive point in all the companies that are implanted in Latin America and Spain. Spanish is an official language in about 70 international institutions. Among these are the United Nations, the European Union, the World Trade Organization and the World Labor Organization. It is the second mother tongue by number of speakers, after Mandarin Chinese, and the second by global number of speakers.